SAN FRANCISCO- Alianza de Futbol, the largest and most prestigious Hispanic

amateur soccer program in the country and LaLiga North America, the exclusive

representation of LaLiga in the U.S. and Canada, signed a 3-year agreement that will

help to bring the best league in the world closer to the Hispanic community in the United


The agreement will cover sporting and commercial aspects in which Alianza de Futbol

and LaLiga North America will be highly benefited. Each year, Alianza de Futbol

organizes a tour of 10 cities across the country with different soccer tournaments for

kids, women and adults, as well as Allstate Sueño Alianza, the largest scouting program

in the United States, which has helped more than 80 players to achieve their dreams of

becoming professionals.

"At LaLiga North America we are looking for ways to be closer to the fans and to

promote the development of soccer in the United States", said Boris Gartner, CEO of

LaLiga North America. "Participating in the tournaments and tryouts of Alianza de Futbol gives us the possibility to be closer to the Hispanic community in the United States and to get to know better the La Liga fans in this country".

With this agreement, LaLiga will become an official scouting league of the Allstate

Sueño Alianza program. LaLiga teams will be invited to the Allstate Sueño Alianza

National Showcase, that brings together the best undiscovered soccer talent of the US

and LaLiga coaches will be part of Alianza’s official coaching staff on the event.

In addition, in an unprecedented event, LaLiga will invite the best 18 players to play

against professional LaLiga academies in Spain. The coaches and scouts of LaLiga will be in charge of choosing the players that will represent Alianza de Futbol.

"Alianza de Futbol with this unique partnership will continue to provide new doors and opportunities for Hispanic community thanks to the support that we will have from LaLiga North America,” said Joaquin Escoto, Managing Partner of BRC Group, owner of Alianza de Futbol. "It is an unprecedented event for us to be able to associate with LaLiga and the chance for the best players in Alianza every year to have the chance to play in the best league in the world"

During each of the local Alianza de Futbol events in Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas,

Denver, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and El Paso, LaLiga will have

an activation space that will include the official trophy of LaLiga and the official uniforms

of all LaLiga teams.

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